To maintain the youthfulness of the face with its curves and complexities

Although the first signs of ageing that we see are fine lines, wrinkles and discolouration, we can also notice that the face starts to lose its curves and bulges as in cheek bones flattening and once tight jaw lines drooping and sagging through loss of muscle tone and subcutaneous fat. So other than going under the knife to tighten that jaw and fill in a flat looking face with cheek and jaw implants, what can we do if anything? Well of course there are numerous cosmetic injections such as Restylane, Juvaderm and Botox to fill and tighten various areas of the face. There are amazing collagen renewal therapies such as HIFU - High Intensed Frequency Ultrasound, Radio Frequency Skin Tightening, Microneedling and Electrical Manual Stimulation, all of which are fantastic and with many celebrities shouting about them are increasing in popularity. But there is also the business of what you eat. Eating the right foods such as adopting a high protein, good fat, green leafy veg, and low sugar and starch diet, taking the right supplements not forgetting super topical serums and oils which are applied directly to the skin and used within food preparation will dramatically increase muscle tone and subcutaneous fat, all lead to the coveted cellular renewal. 

Eat Your Wrinkles Away

Foods that are high in sugar or saturated fats can cause inflammation in the body which in turn will accelerate the aging process. When your looking at a way to slow the ageing process,  foods that you should try to avoid include, sugar, fast food, processed foods, certain cereals, white bread, bacon,syrups, fructose and margarine to name but a few. Replace these food types with foods such as Avacados, Coconut, Dark Chocolate, Blueberries, Cantaloupe, Olives, Certain Nuts, Wild Salmon and using oils such as coconut and olive oils. I will share the benefit of these food stuffs at a later date. But if you want to start and reduce wrinkles and inflammation within the body, eating a diet  rich in anti oxidants is a great place to start. 


Importance of sunscreen

Sunscreen - Why your face should never be without it. 
When it comes to your daily skin routine, sunscreen is something that is greatly overlooked. I recently read a post by a skin expert, he said 'there is no reason why your skin should not be line free when you are 80 years of age, as long as protect your skin from the sun each day'. So guys and gals, do your face a favour and invest in a decent sunscreen.

Carbon Facials number one for black head removal

Laser Carbon Facial, Have you tried it yet? This facial is great for skins suffering from winter weather problems such as uneven tone, spots, blackheads, blocked pores, dullness and dryness. If you’re looking for a hi tech laser treatment that is great for both males and females in improving these problems and bringing back your skins glow and lustre. Its here! Find out more.

Rejuvapen Micro Needling is here.

Micro Needling has been used for many years now to reduce lines and wrinkles, dull complexions, acne scarring, stretch marks, scars and pigmentation on both the face and body. As a greater understanding of collagen renewal promoted by our own natural healing response is delivered, treatments such as micro needling, collagen therapy, micro needling are gaining greater popularity.

Retinols and their place in the anti-ageing market!

Retinols are proven to be one of the best anti-ageing products around. With regular use of this brilliant product you will:

* Stimulate the skin into producing more collagen
* Improve cell renewal of the skin, increasing the thickness of the live skin layer and reducing           thickness of the dead skin layer
* Improve the texture of your skin.
* Even out pigmentation in your skin. 
* Address acne problems
* Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

If you would like to know more about these fantastic products please get in touch.


Acne Treatments

Acne Treatments
If you are a sufferer of any type of acne, you will know the problems that it can bring. Acne is caused by a variety of issues from hormones to sport and food substances. Certain types of acne are easy to treat with a range of topical, oral and aesthetic treatments. By combining the right treatments you will find that you can get your acne under control. A lot of emphasis also needs to be put on the food and drink items you consume as well as the topical creams and ointments that you place on your skin. Finding your trigger for outbreaks is a necessity when trying to treat, control and eradicate this problem. If you would like to know more about the type of treatments we offer for acne, please contact us

Collagen Remodelling

Collagen renewal and remodelling is a fantastic way to rejuvenate skin that is suffering from the inevitable ageing process in so much as the appearance of looser skin, wrinkles and folds. There are several ways to boost collagen production, from certain chemical peels to micro needling and radiofrequency treatments. Come and see which one is most suitable for you.