Amino Acids and What they can do for your skin!

Amino Acids and what they can do for your skin!

These essential little molecules are not only essential to most of our bodily functions; they are also a little miracle when it comes to our skin and anti-ageing. Amino Acids are the building blocks for protein, essential for healthy skin and supplying nutrients not only to the skin, but to the hair and nails also. Out of the key amino acids we have in our bodies. A few of these include Methionone - helps to fight ageing and neutralise free radicals. Lysine - helps with hydration and is involved in the collagen formation process. Tyrosine - Key in the synthesis of melanin. These are but a few, Amino Acids are to skin, what fairy lights are to your Christmas tree, without them it’s dull and lifeless! A healthy balanced diet will give you a great deal of the key Amino Acids required for healthy, glowing, firm, blemish free skin.