3D Lipo+ - Body Shaping

3D Lipo+ - Body Shaping

3D Lipo+ - Body Shaping


Laser Tattoo Removal - Prices start from the following and a treatment plan will be drawn up once a consultation has taken place.

1" x 1" - From £45

3" x 3" - From £60    

5" x 5" - From £85    

7" x 7" - From £110    

For larger tattoos price will be given on consultation


Laser Hair Removal - Prices start from the following and a treatment plan will be drawn up once a consultation has taken place.

Lip - £20    Course of 6 - £108

Chin - £20   Course of 6 - £108

Full Face - £50   Course of 6 - £270

Lower Face - £45 Course of 6 - £243

Centre Brow - £20    Course of 6 - £108

Under Arms - £45   Course of 6 - £243

Full Arms - £50    Course of 6 - £270

Full Leg - £100    Course of 6 - £540

Bikini Line - £35    Course of 6 - £189

Bikini Brazilian - £40    Course of 6 - £216

Bikini Hollywood - £45   Course of 6 - £243

Buttocks - £45    Course of 6 - £243

Legs Hollywood Underarms - £170 Course of 6 £923

Back - £70    Course of 6 - £378

Chest - £50    Course of 6 - £270

Stomach - £30 Course of 6 - £162

Male Groin - £100    Course of 6 - £540

Shoulders - £50    Course of 6 - £270


Laser Pigmented Lesions - Prices start from the following and a treatment plan will be drawn up once a consultation has taken place.

Age Spots - Liver Spots - Sun Spots

£80 per session   Course of 4 (if needed) - £288


Red and Thread Vein Treatment - Prices start from the following and a treatment plan will be drawn up once a consultation has taken place.

£80 per session    Course of 3 - £216



Cryolipolysis - Fat Freezing

Double Chin Freeze - £100

Stomach - £100

Both Arms - £100

Inner Thighs - £100

Chest  (male) - £100

Back - £100

Hips - £100

Love Handles - £100


3D Lipo+ - Body Shaping

Ultrasound Cavitation Fat reduction - inch loss   £90

3D Lipo Radio Frequency - £100

Fat Redution - 3D Lipo Freeze , £100 per session



We have a wide range of facials using industry lead cosmeceuticals brands tailored to skin issues and requirements to suit each individual

From £40

Hydrajuve Facial

From £40

Chemical Peels  

Medik8 Eye Peels - £65

Medik8 Full Peel - £75

Obagi Blue Radiance Peel - £105

After Peel Kits - £40- £70

LSC Superfacial - £200


Vampire Facial PRP

£250 per session - Course of 6 £1350


Scalp PRP

£250 per session - Course of 6 £1350


Radio Frequency Facials including Skin Tightening - Prices start from the following and a treatment plan will be drawn up once a consultation has taken place.

Facials - Skin Tightening - Slimming - Body Contouring

From £50 per session    Courses offered after consultation

Blemish Removal (Spider Veins, Skin Tags, Skin Blemishes)

Starts at £45 per 15 minute session please call for further details.


Carbon Laser Facials/Carbon Peel

£60 per session



Clear ND Yag Laser resurface and Lift

£80 per session


Microneedling Rejuvapen

£40- £80 - Partial area of face per session

£120 - Full Face Per session (£30 extra for Revital Vitamin Infusion)

£80 - £120 Per session of large area of stretch marks


Hyaluron Pen Cosmetic Filler

1ml - £160

Cosmetic Injections & Fillers

1 Area – £140

2 Areas – £180

3 Areas – £220

Subsequent areas will be charged at £50 per area at the time of treatment

Chemical Brow Lift – £180

Dermal Filling Injections: Lip Enhancement Juvederm ULTRA 2 – £200; if more than one syringe at the same of treatment is required, subsequent syringes will be charged at £150 each

Facial Line Fillers Juvederm ULTRA 3&4 – £230 per 0.8ml syringe; if more than one syringe at the same of treatment is required, subsequent syringes will be charged at £150 each.

Profhilo - £500 includes part 2.


Hyaluron Pen Fat Loss Treatment

Chin - £150

Stomach - £200

Thighs - £180


Wellness Injections

Vitamin B12 - £25.00


Bespoke Blood Tests

From £45


Plasma Pen Treatments

From £300 - per session



Duration varies • £250 (£20 secures appointment. Cancellations within 24 hours deposit is lost )

Semi permanent brows. Hair strokes and shading


Microblading Removal

1 hour • Price varies, a consultation is required prior to the treatment being carried out. The treatment is

non painful, non laser alkaline remover. For semi permanent brows.

If you are a new client please book a consultation first to determine the treatment required. If you are an existing client please go ahead and book your treatment without booking a consultation.
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3D Lipo+ - Body Shaping

The 3D-lipo machines offer five different methods of fat reduction and improvement of skin appearance, with bespoke services being offered to suit a person’s individual needs.


In a process that utilises the completely unique combination of electro and cryo therapy, there will be a 20-40% reduction in the fat cells of the treatment area, which will die and dissolve over the months following treatment, to reveal the new body shape. It works via a targeted super cooling applicator that takes the temperature of the treatment area down to -6ºC, which freezes the fat cells to a point where they cannot survive (1). This kills the fat cells under the skin, without affecting any other type of cells.

Cavitation (Ultrasound)

Cavitation allows for a large area to be treated in a shorter period of time thanks to the four transducers that are used. It is a non-invasive way of body sculpting, by treating deep cellulite and reducing fat in localised areas. 

Using low frequency ultrasound, bubbles are created in the liquid in the fat cells. These bubbles implode once they grow to a certain size and the heat and pressure energy that is released, causes the destruction of the fat cells. No other types of cells are affected and the broken down fat cells are re-purposed by the body or excreted.

3D Lipo Radiofrequency (RF)

3D Lipo Radiofrequency energy is directed to a target area to improve the appearance of cellulite and to tighten skin. The radiofrequency energy heats the layer of skin which contains the collagen fibres, causing these fibres to contract, as well as increasing the production of new collagen and elastin. This will tighten the skin for a smoother more youthful appearance. The 3D-lipo system comes with options for RF skin tightening on both the face and body.


Dermology improves the appearance of skin with cellulite reduction by combining a roller and vacuum action. This works by increasing the blood supply and lymph circulation.

The later 3D-lipomed model combines this modality with in-built radiofrequency. 

Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)

Shockwave therapy works by applying radial shockwaves which stimulate the breakdown of fat and increase lymphatic drainage and collagen synthesis (production). This is available on the newest 3D-lipomed V2 model.

Radiofrequency and dermology are often combined to target cellulite, whilst cryolipolysis (fat freezing) or cavitation (ultrasound) are used for fat reduction and inch loss in an area.

Laser Skin Clinics, specialise in aesthetics and laser treatments. We are registered with Wolverhampton City Council and hold full qualifications to include core of knowledge and advanced laser training qualifications in all aspects of tattoo and hair removal and laser hair regrowth, NVQ levels 1,2 and 3 in Beauty,  level 4 VTCT qualification in laser and IPL. Along with level 4 IISHCA and IQ in advanced skin science and clinical aesthetics which includes chemical peeling, dermarollering, micro needling, skin tags, milia, seborrheic warts and hyperplasia, benign nevi, fibrous pustules and more.

Stuart of Dermoperfection is a fully qualified aesthetics specialist, a qualified nurse of 10 years within acute healthcare and aesthetics, trained at a leading cosmetic academy in the UK. Providing you with the supreme cosmetic procedures, Botox, dermal fillers for lips and the face and medical grade chemical peels.

Dr Alan Sweeney of ADS Aesthetics MBChB BSc(hons) MRCP(UK) Dip(SEM) MFSEM runs weekly aesthetic skin clinics specialising in botox and fillers for the lips and face. 

Having studied at University of Manchester Dr Alan has practised medicine for over 7 years. Within the NHS he specialises in Sport and Exercise Medicine, helping professional athletes conquer career-threatening injuries, and patients to overcome obesity. This passion for helping people achieve their full potential naturally led him into the field of non-surgical facial aesthetics and fat loss body transformations.

Amanda Whittome is our extremely talented microblading, eyelash and brow therapist performing the art of natural looking thick and full eyebrows and eyelashes using the newest techniques.

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